Bringing the Beauty Supply store right to your door!

Beautify Delivery Service is here to bring the Beauty Supply Store to your front door. Shop for delivery during business hours in Philadelphia, PA for 2-hour or less guaranteed delivery. Quality beauty supplies are available for hassle-free shipping across the nation.

Natural Beauty

“I ordered a couple of products, 2 velvet du-rags, and 1 satin bonnet, just to test try the store. When browsing the online store I was very pleased with the selection of products as well as the prices. I found everything to be very affordable, and the fact that it arrives within 2 hours is love.

— Amma-Sika A.

“I was having a terrible hair day and couldn’t get to a hair store because I don’t have a car and the hair store near me has closed due to the pandemic.  Luckily I was able to order what I needed from Beautify and got my supplies in 2 hours. It was quick and convenient and the stretched braiding hair was great quality and didn’t dry out my hair! Thank you Beautify”

- Veneice P.

An absolute Godsend 😩🙏🏿. I am in Philly for the labor day weekend and I forgot some much needed hair tools. The service was fast and extremely efficient. The process to place an order online was seamless. I placed my order around 7:47 pm and I was nervous that it would be too late for them to fulfill it, but the owner was extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you again for your prompt and excellent service!

- S K


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