The Age of Edges: How Jamaican Black Castor Oil Restores Lost Edges

Edges! Edges! Edges! From TV to radio, from apartments to mansions, edges have become a hot and sensitive topic for many women. The conversation goes something like this, “Girl, my edges are laid!”, which includes a hair toss, pursed lips and she gives an “I know I’m cute” stance. Yaaas! But not all of us can stand in the glory of edge laid cuteness, hand on hip, and voguing in admiration of ourselves in the mirror. Nope, we are cowering, covering, and camouflaging our thinning or absent edges. Tight Braids, buns and weaves, heat, hormones, stress, and friction contribute to our edges going down south or creeping up north or being yanked out. But alas, have no fear, a remedy is here. Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Also known as liquid gold, is a tried, true, tested and testified natural phenomenon that has resurfaced from antiquity into the mainstream haircare industry.

Castor Oil’s Roots

In 4000 BC, Egyptians were the first known pioneers of castor oil, citing its industrial uses, medicinal, and beautification properties. Yes, this little castor seed was truly versatile and beneficial! Cleopatra used castor oil to soften her skin, brighten the whites of her eyes and yes, of course, soften and grow her hair. The use of castor oil for hair growth was so lauded that is was inscribed in Ebers Papyrus, 1550 BCE, the most complete book of Egyptian remedies.